Creating a Better Experience for Commuters all Over the World!

Creating a Better Experience for Commuters all Over the World!

At Comfycup, We Are Committed to Providing Fantastic Public Transport Accessories to Positively Impact the World and Change the Way People Commute.

Comfycup is the beginning of the public transit Revolution! Through a line of unique commute accessories, we plan to make commuting a better option, a place where you can be comfy, productive and socialize!

With public transportation being the foundation of every big city, we strive to make the ride as enjoyable and productive as possible ! Who said you can have your own perks only inside a car? Its time to add some personal touch to your daily commute.


How many times have you found yourself struggling with your coffee while doing other things? Comfycup acts as your third hand, here to provide you a new level of comfort during your daily commute! 


We all complain about not having enough time. From now, you can use your commute time for getting more done! Get your coffee boost, find your comfort zone and get that job done!


We are social beings and every social interaction can make us feel better. Comfycup has been proven as a great ice breaker between people on public transit, and as such, it helps to form new connection