Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws

Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN & ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT IDEA: Created in response to the profound need for a healthy alternative to disposable straws. Each reusable silicone collapsible straw has its own carrying case and cleaning brush. That’s very portable and Easy-To-Carry. Wherever you have a party, a picnic, or a trip, take the reusable straws with you and your friend, also great for your kids go with theme park, amusement park or join the plastic free movement.
  • FDA APPROVED & FOOD SAFE TESTED: Tiblue collapsible straws are made of 100% BPA free, food-grade silicone. Lab tested (FDA & RoHs) to ensure quality and safety for you and your family. Free from Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, PBBs.
  • FAMILY SAFE & FOR HEALTHY TEETH: The soft, flexible bendy nature of silicone straws keeps kids and adults safe from eye pokes, throat gouges, and chipped teeth. Soft to bite down on, no hard stainless steel straws banging on your teeth or breakable glass straws cutting your lips!They are perfect for those straw chewers out there! And the silicone straws don’t get hot when hot drinks or cold with smoothies (unlike stainless steel metal straws).
  • COMPATIBILITY: Perfect for drinking water from a stainless steel tumbler or smoothies and milkshakes. Compatible with most 20oz/30oz tumblers - such as Yeti, rTic, Ozark, Klean Kanteen, ELLO, Contigo, Aladdin, Starbucks, Tervis, Simple Modern. Cut ‘em down for use in your kids Munchkin, Houssavvy, Green Steel, and more.


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